By tapping into the ongoing process of infrastructuring sensors, trackers, data and monitoring devices that underlies the materialization of imaginaries of a ‘smart’ society , this full-day workshop promotes a critical discussion on the assumptions and implications of such process. The workshop will focus on the interplay between technology and society. In particular, it will focus on topics such as acceptance, disruption, failures, privacy and ethical aspects, with the goal of going beyond the taken for granted desirability or necessity of ‘smart’ and to de-construct the mainstream rhetoric of unproblematic technological fixes to contemporary challenges. We aim at creating a lively and interdisciplinary discussion during the workshop. Therefore, we invite people interested in engaging critically with the workshop’s theme to submit a position paper (by the 25th 28th April 2017) about their works in progress, case studies, empirical results or theoretical analyses.

Workshop will take place on the 27th June 2017.

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